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Friday, 30 January 2015

I Want Whatever Kim Wants – Kanye West

Kanye  West has corroborated Kim’s claims that they are trying to get another child ..Appearing on Ellen DeGeneres’chat show, the rapper was questioned over having more kids
Yeah, we’re trying,’he responded
Ellen surprised at his blunt answer said about North West
‘Really? I thought I’d sneak that in there. I mean that baby is so adorable and she is precious and smart as can be, right?’ ‘So you’re gonna have more? How many do you want like a bunch, like a Brad and Angie bunch?’
‘I just want whatever Kim wants,’
What a man..He wants whatever his wife wants..

Husband Jailed For Beating Up Wife After Other Men Looked At Her Boobs

Bully husband Graham Temple beat his wife when other men looked at her cleavage.
May Thomson, 45, lived in fear of her life as insecure Temple flew into jealous rages when she showed off her 32E breast implants.During their three years together, Temple broke her nose, threatened her with a knife, held her by the throat and punched her on her breasts.
He threw a kitchen chair at her when she came down stairs wearing shorts and a vest top, the Daily Recordreports.
“I wasn’t allowed to wear anything like that,He had me in polo necks.”
Thomson, who has two daughters and lives in Port Seton, East Lothian, already had the £5,000 implants when she met Temple. They got together after she had escaped from another abusive relationship.
“He came across as caring and romantic. I saw him as protection because I knew he could fight.”
Two months in and Temple’s controlling, violent side began to show. He would throw heron the floor and stand over her, spitting in her face. Any kind of attention from other men, or comments on her appearance or figure, would spark another attack.
Thomson was knocked unconscious when Temple threw her against a table in a drunken rage. She was treated forbruising at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
“He was out of his face. He started asking, what were you doing when you weren’t with me? I told that shouldn’t matter. He grabbed me by the hair and started beating my head. He butted me. Next thing I knew, I woke up on the floor.”
In another incident he held her captive and refused to let her leave the house.
“He wouldn’t let me out. I got battered senseless until I escaped in my pyjamas.” Thomson needed plastic surgery on the injuries to her face.
When she found a hose pipe, duct tape a plastic bottle and a Stanley knife the boot of his car, she became convinced he was trying to kill her.
The relationship finally ended when Temple attacked Thomson’s dog Zero, for eating his chicken fajitas.
“I thought, you’re going to really hurt me now. You’ve done that to my animal.”
Sheriff Peter Braid described the case as “a particularly nasty instance of domestic abuse” and jailed him for 13 months.
Temple is banned from going near Thomson for five years.

Buhari, The Answer To Our Prayers

Buhari 1 (10)
The government of Goodluck Jonathan is the most vivid example we have of the virus of lost standard. Under his watch, the country has gone to the dogs. Government officials are massively squandering our patrimony and looting the treasury with impunity.  It is so hard to work up any optimism because the president is simply not interested in fighting corruption. In this precious country of ours, Corruption is not only internalized but externalized.
People steal and keep outside thereby destroying our country and enriching those of other nations. This is a dispiriting take on the Nigerian situation because if this satanic corruption continues, Nigeria is doomed to speedy disappearance. We have had a long run of ill-luck in leadership that we cannot take this anymore.
Hence, the choice of General Muhammadu Buhari by the All Progressive Congress (APC) is historic, courageous and potentially transformative.  This man is about the most honest Nigerian of all time. He is a man who hates greed and corruption with a passion.

Our prayer that God should help us to fight this evil called corruption has been answered. We are set to see the restoration of honour and integrity to the Aso Rock. No fair minded person will ever accuse Buhari of being involved in corruption or dubiously enriching himself.  This choice by APC is not just a nice decision but a turning point. He is just what we need because he has a reputation for thoughtfulness and rectitude.  Those who are undermining the reputation of this slow-talking, yet irrepressibly exuberant man are those who find moral piety and integrity offensive.
In one of his articles, Adeyemi Omotunde painted a pretty accurate fix on how General Buhari values moral rectitude and frugality. Quoting him will do justice to the point I have been laboring to bring to the fore. “Some months ago, an former member of the Federal House of Representatives, Dino Melaye, decided to investigate why Muhammadu Buhari could not afford APC nomination form because he read online the question a lady asked. He went to the Ministry of Finance where he discovered that all former presidents and heads of state actually get N23million monthly. Melaye said ‘I read online the question a lady asked. The question is how can Buhari who earns over N300million monthly annually claim that he cannot afford to pay N27million for APC presidential nomination form? I became interested and decided to investigate. I went to the Ministry of Finance where I discovered that it’s true that all former presidents and heads of state actually get N23million monthly.
“But I found out that General Buhari actually wrote the Minister of Finance to reject the N23million monthly pay. He said in his letter that he will only accept 10 percent of that amount which is N2.3million and that is what he has been taking. This is just as clear as the air.’ This is a man that says in his speech at the APC convention in Lagos that he has no foreign account and he owns no company profiting from government contracts.”
This man of moral masculinity is what this country needs at the moment. Buhari is a mixture of great calm and boundless energy; he is all about compassion, tolerance and inclusiveness. His religious values will shape the way he will function as a president. Buhari’s faith has been so central to his life that even his political foes know to respect it. His constant attack on corruption grows out of his religious scruples.
On the issue of religion, some people have been judging him harshly. As a military head of state, he refused to register Nigeria as a member of Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC). If he couldn’t do it as a military leader how in the world will he do it as a democratic president? To Buhari, religion is a private matter and he respects the fact that the constitution of Nigeria recognizes freedom of worship. To tell it like it is, those who are throwing up religious sentiments are simply mischievous.
But his faith in his God is something commendable. It tells people that there is something in life more important to him than politics—a message Nigerian politicians need to get. Again his choice of Yemi Osinbajo as a running mate is one that speaks of religious tolerance than tactics. This is the most spiritually minded pair that Nigerian political history has ever thrown up. Osinbajo is so friendly; intellectually and spiritually inclined that he will make a perfect Vice President. He has the ability to be aggressive without being nasty.
Buhari and Osinbajo are unabashed about flaunting their faith. They have a purpose: to provide insulation against corrosive everydayness, to build fences against invasions by the profane and to create a space for the sacred.  Their service to Nigeria will be sacramental in quality.

Jonathan’s Team Threatens To Declare “No Confidence” In INEC

Jonathan 1 (9)
Days to the February 14 presidential polls, the PDP candidate has indicated that he was considering voicing a vote of no confidence in INEC.
Evidence of Jonathan’s latest decision emerged in a statement released by Femi Fani-Kayode, the DG of media and publicity for the PDP presidential campaign organization.
Jonathan’s team is not happy the way INEC is relating with issues concerning Muhammadu Buhari:

“The electoral body must come clean on this matter; otherwise we will be compelled to pass a no-confidence vote in it,” the president’s publicist said. “If INEC is complicit in the desperate and despicable attempt to extricate General Buhari, without compliance with the provisions of the law, from this lingering embarrassment, we will have no other choice than to harbor the suspicion and fear that the electoral body is already compromised and can lend itself to the ungodly agenda of truncating our victory when our candidate wins.”
Text of a press conference by the Director of Media and Publicity of the PDP Presidential Campaign Organization, Femi Fani-Kayode on Wednesday, January 28, 2015
Yesterday, General Muhammadu Buhari made a shocking and belated disclosure that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has his documents. He has not been specific about the documents he is referring to but it is very clear that this is yet another squalid attempt to give the Nigerian people the impression that INEC has his certificate. If this is true, it represents a somersault from his original position which was that INEC has his affidavit and it once again reveals General Buhari for what he is.
With this latest antic, General Buhari is obviously trying to smuggle a newly acquired certificate into INEC through the backdoor. If this is true and if INEC allows such a thing to happen, it would put a serious question mark on its impartiality and credibility. It would mean that it has collected his newly acquired certificate, 40 days outside the stipulation of the Law.
We say this because Section 31(3) of the Electoral Act says INEC “shall within 7 days of the receipt of the receipt of the personal particulars of the candidate, publish same in the constituency…”
Buhari’s words are as follows: “Well, I am not surprised. This is Nigeria. If people are “serious” about this issue, they ought to have listened to the LEGAL ADVISER of INEC” (Is Buhari saying Nigerians are unserious by seeking to know the truth?)
Continuing, he says: “This is the first time, INEC by law has got those documents and they said they have got them. So anybody who has different view should go to court. So let them remain there.”
Those were the words of General Muhammadu Buhari (NOT MOHAMMED BUHARI), the APC presidential candidate.
It appears as if the more our alleged “Mr. Incorruptible” attempts to wash himself clean, the more he digs deeper in the pit of falsehood and perjury.
Now, below are facts already in the public domain, which are incontrovertible:
1. That Muhammadu Buhari (Not Mohammed Buhari) neither submitted nor attached any personal document to form CF001 he filled to INEC.
2. That the INEC form part C specifically stated that PERSONAL (i.e. Certificate) documents should be attached but Buhari did not attach any as of 18th December, 2014, the last day according to INEC guidelines for submission of form CF001.
3. That Buhari was the only candidate whose documents were not published like other presidential candidates as stipulated by law, having not attached any certificate previously.
4. That INEC had acknowledged that fact after publication of particulars of all candidates last year and had not controverted these facts, having itself published the documents attached by all other candidates except Buhari who did not submit any document apart from INEC’s own CF001 form and an affidavit, a court document all of which do not represent PERSONAL DOCUMENT of Buhari.
5.That as at 12 midnight on 30th December, 2014, the expiration of time provided by law for the substitution of candidates, APC did not avail itself that opportunity of substituting the unqualified Buhari for a duly qualified presidential candidate.
6. That Buhari’s only response in his affidavit form in the public domain and displayed by INEC in the 774 LGAs that form the single constituency for presidential contestants was to the effect that “All my academic qualifications and certificates are currently with the secretary of the military Board as at the time of this affidavit dated 24/11/2014.” This affidavit, a very arrogant and whimsical response that his credentials were with the Military Authorities, is in the public domain. If Buhari’s assertion is true, the question is, what is INEC now up to collecting new documents from him through the backdoor, 40 days after the requirement of law?
7. That the military authorities came in the open to clarify that the only document in respect of Buhari’s WASC was an anticipatory letter by his principal that “Buhari would pass” – NOT THAT BUHARI PASSED.
8. That Buhari’s imperial response at a later press conference was that his alma mater, Government College Katsina, would publish his result when available. How come he now says that INEC has collected his document and why should INEC do so after the statutory time limit?
9. That what Government College Katsina published was at best a hand-written result of one MOHAMMED BUHARI and not MUHAMMADU BUHARI or at worse a complete forgery.
Fellow Nigerians, Why should General Muhammadu Buhari refer Nigerians to hear from one legal adviser in INEC? The same INEC that its Director of legal services, one (Mr. Ibrahim Bawa) who, earlier in response to numerous inquiries shortly after on December i8, 2014, told the press that INEC had published all that presidential candidates submitted which in the case of Buhari are just FORM CF001 (no certificate attached) and affidavit which is court papers and not personal document.
It will be interesting to know at which point the affidavit transmuted into additional documents or when additional documents were provided to INEC in line with law as noted above.
What Nigerians Should Note
By Buhari’s latest statement, we want to alert Nigerians to the following questions which the INEC Chair, Attahiru Jega, the so-called legal adviser whom a consultant, duly contracted by INEC, had recommended for redeployment and the APC, must HONESTLY answer:
C. Could this be the source of Buhari’s renewed arrogance that anybody not satisfied should go to court?
E. Who is in breach of the Electoral Act, Section 31:3- Buhari or Ibrahim Bawa?
The Electoral Body must come clean on this matter; otherwise we will be compelled to pass a no-confidence vote in it. If INEC is complicit in the desperate and despicable attempt to extricate General Buhari, without compliance with the provisions of the law, from this lingering embarrassment, we will have no other choice than to harbor the suspicion and fear that the Electoral Body is already compromised and can lend itself to the ungodly agenda of truncating our victory when our candidate wins.
We also want the election observers to keep watch of the unfolding events regarding General Buhari’s qualification or otherwise. In other countries, it is about obeying the rule of law and not about protecting the political interest of an individual, especially since a free, fair and credible election is not about the day of voting alone but also the processes leading up to it.
I thank you for listening.

NOA, DSS Warns – Boko Haram is Planning Attacks On Rallies Using Cows, Chickens

Boko Haram is planning to attack soft targets such as Automated Teller Machine (ATM) points, markets and political rallies, using bombs hidden in cows, goats and chickens.
Mike Omeri, Director-general of the National Orientation Agency (NOA) and coordinator of the national information centre, who made the revelation, advised Nigerians to be circumspect.
 He also disclosed that the insurgents had perfected plans to unleash suicide bombers, who would disguise as cobblers and hide explosives in their boxes, on Nigerians. Omeri added that action was being taken to scuttle the plans of the terror group. He said:
“Available intelligence reports indicate a plan by Boko Haram to use young male suicide bombers disguised as cobblers (shoemakers) to hide explosives in their tool boxes and detonate them in soft target areas such as markets, restaurants, ATM locations, political rallies, worship centers, as well as other public places.
Also there is indication of a plan by this group to use livestock (such as goats, cows, donkeys and camels) laden with explosives to attack chosen targets. In view of these, the general public, including all persons operating within and around the aforementioned places, is advised to be vigilant and mindful of suspicious activities within their environment.”
Marilyn Ogar, spokesperson of the Department of State Services, (DSS) who was also at the press conference, said that relevant government agencies had since been informed of the development and steps were being taken to stop the terrorists.
“We have regular interactions with the relevant bodies and we have briefed them of the intelligence,” she said.
Omeri also revealed that 192 persons released by Boko Haram in January were currently receiving counseling at a military facility in Yobe State.
“The centre wishes to confirm that the persons recently released by Boko Haram are presently in the custody of military authorities. Authoritatively, we can sate that these persons are currently undergoing counselling after which they will return home to re-join their kith and kin,” he said.

Jonathan Will Be Disgraced In February Elections, General Buhari Will Die In Office – Celestial Church Leader

The year 2015 has been compounded with lots of predictions and revelations from various men of God. Some of these revelations and predictions are shockingly unbelievable while some of them are targeted at the forthcoming elections.
In a new interview with Encomium weekly, the spiritual leader of the Celestial Church of Christ, Elisha Parish, Marcus Korede Tibetan has given made known his own predictions about what is to be expected during and after the coming elections.
The prophet who is popular for some of his controversial statements, made it known that just as President Jonathan will be embarrassed and disgraced in the elections.
 He also said if Buhari assumes the presidential position by May, the life of the APC presidential candidate might be cut short. Expressing that Buhari might not finish his tenure which is four years, he made it known that the All Progressives Congress’ presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari, only wants to be President as a concerned Nigerian. Read the excitingly-revealing excerpts from the interview below:
Sir, there is so much anxiety in the political landscape and 2015 is already pregnant with fears, as a seer and an anointed prophet of God, what should we expect in 2015?
God said in the book of Genesis Chapter 1, ‘Let there be light and there was light’. It is the people’s voice that will prevail. God does have any special thing for 2015 but the more I stop telling you lies, that is when we will know peace in our house. The country has no middle class and only low class, the levelers and the people up there who have the long spoons. When they stop digging their long spoons into the federal purse, then we can have a peaceful 2015. But if this fraud is not stopped, the people will be in danger.
They are going to devalue the naira three times before March and this is an agreement between an insiders in Nigeria and some foreign economic hawks. I am talking of Okonjo Iweala, she knows about it. She is looking for ways to run away.
APC, the major opposition party in Nigeria has fielded General Buhari as its flag-bearer in the February 2015 presidential election the party’s presidential flag for 2015 while the PDP adopted Mr. Goodluck Jonathan as their sole candidate? Who do you see winning between Jonathan and Buhari?
Politics started in the Bible. In Genesis 25 from verse 22, the woman said ‘If this is how pregnancy normally disturbs people, I think after this, I don’t think I am going to have a baby again’ and the Holy Spirit ministered to Rebecca, He said, Rebecca, why don’t you give peace a chance? Two nations are in your womb but the young one will be champion. The first one will be a workaholic. He may not make his way from the beginning but later he will be recognized.
And when they came, it was Jacob and Esau the first twins in history and when their mother was trying to play the trick, that was the beginning of politics. People say ‘politics, politics, politics, do you know the beginning of politics? Rebecca said, now that your father is planning to die and bless Esau the first son of the house, you know I have a message from the Holy Spirit and now I want to actualize it. Go and get one of the choice kids of the goat flock and I will make savory food with them for your father, such as he loves and I will put the skin of the choice goat on your hand so that when your father touches you he will take you for Esau.
But the father said ‘This is the voice of Jacob but the hand of Esau’. They are going to rig the elections; there is no good election coming in 2015. Goodluck has already failed, he knows but his word will hunt him. He said he will never go more than once so, why is he reneging? We saw that in him the very first day they opened Aso-Rock and he saw what they used to decorate Aso Rock, he pulled his hat and screamed. He has already disappointed and derailed us; we could have even told him we don’t need him again.
Buhari is not coming to look for the house he wants to live in, Buhari is only coming back as a concerned Nigerian. He will win the election; he may not even finish his term. He may die….he is going to die in between. That is what the Lord has revealed but it is good for a fighter to show his skill. Buhari has never changed his colour, there is no amount of frustration you give Buhari that will change him.
What about Goodluck Jonathan?
If our politicians had done well, we won’t have bothered, if they had given us steady power supply to set up our small scale businesses we wont bother about Abuja, we won’t bother about Goodluck Jonathan because he is Goodluck to his father and not Goodluck to me which I told you three years ago.
His father gave him the name, we were not there and never knew the circumstances that warranted that name given to him. This man (Jonathan) told us in his campaign that he never wore shoes, he never wore pant, he used cassava leaves to make the first pant. We should have known where we were headed. But it is quite unfortunate now Buhari will take us back to primary one.
How do you mean, sir?
Buhari is a not an academic. We knew him because he was a soldier. What was his qualification? We are going back to the time of trade by batter.
Is there going to be a divergence of opinion between Christians and Muslims in 2015?
Christians are tired already. Nothing will happen that way. No Christian in this country again, they have driven everybody away from the north.
So, for 2015, to answer your question directly, there will be elections but the disgrace of Goodluck is going to be massive; they are going to disgrace him everywhere.
Are we going to see more brutality from the insurgents, are they likely to strike in a place like Lagos come 2015?
They cannot strike in Western Nigeria. We should give kudos to Tinubu, if there is anyway Tinubu had offended us we should forgive him. He is a father and he has fought for Edo, Delta, Benin, Yoruba and even people from the east. We should give kudos to him. Had it been he had followed Obasanjo blindly we could have been in trouble for now. We could have been in a very big trouble because our straw would have been removed from the bottle and nothing for us to sip the drink any longer. We would have starved to death.
They ought to have bombed us but they gave us the grace because of the political merger. Had it been that Tinubu did not stand his ground, the South West would have been in the same dirty pit that all Nigerians found themselves today called PDP. It was the baby of Atiku Abubakar. Atiku formed PDP. He is the owner of the party, he can take them to court and that is the last thing he is going to do.
It would be recalled that just recently, The General Overseer of the Messenger of God Assembly, Adavi, Kogi State, Apostle Moses Abdullahi says God has a purpose for Nigeria in view of the forthcoming general election. He further said president Jonathan is part of God’s plan for Nigeria.

Pensioner Died Of heart Attack At Wheel Of Car After “Extreme” Sex With Prostitute

A pensioner died of a heart attack after having sex with a prostitute. Wolfgang Eggers, 65, drove to the border town of Domazlice, Czech Republic, where he met up with Katerina Novakova, 29.
The German then took her for a steamy forest drive where they had sex before he returned to drop her off in town.But on the way back he suddenly collapsed from a heart attack, and slammed the car into a wall.Initially, police thought he had died from the crash.
A police spokesman said: “We received a call from a woman saying there had been an accident.
“What we couldn’t work out at the time was how the accident could have killed him as although the front of the vehicle was badly damaged the car interior was fine.
“We found some Viagra pills in the car and a woman’s lipstick.”
A post-mortem then revealed he had most likely died of heart attack brought about by “extreme exertions”.
Czech police began asking round and soon discovered that he was a regular visitor to the town which is notorious as a place where German men to go and pick up prostitutes.
The spokesman said: “When we discovered that, it was only a matter of time before we found that at the time of the crash he had been in his car with one of the prostitutes.”
Speaking to local media hooker Novakova said: “He was a regular client and a real gent.
“He used to come to me about once a week.
“We had finished our business and he was taking me home when he suddenly stiffened, rolled his eyes and slumped on the wheel.
“We then drove straight into the wall.”
Police are now looking at whether to charge the woman for failing to assist in the investigation and leaving the scene of an accident.
The spokesman said: “She had important information which could have helped us identify the circumstances of his death much quicker.”

The Minister Of Agriculture And Rural Development Confirms Bird Flu Outbreak In 11 States

Bird Flu (1)
The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dr Akinwumi Adesina, on Wednesday confirmed the outbreak of bird flu in 11 states of the federation.
Adesina announced that the Federal Government had approved N145 million to compensate farmers affected by the outbreak of the disease.
He made the disclosure at an emergency meeting on Avian Influenza with state commissioners for agriculture in Abuja.
The minister directed that the compensation should be paid to the farmers within 72 hours.
Adesina named the states affected by the outbreak of the disease as Kano, Lagos, Ogun, Rivers, Delta, Edo, Plateau, Gombe, Imo, Oyo and Jigawa states.
He explained that the compensation was for 39 farms across nine states where depopulation was carried out as a measure to control the outbreak.
The minister said that the affected farmers would get N1.4 million each.
“We want all those who are exposed to report. The Federal Government just like we dealt with Ebola are on top of the situation.
“We are not in a state of an epidemic and will collaborate with states and our development partners to ensure that there is no room for panic,’’ Adesina said.
According to him, as at Jan. 21, a total of 139, 505 birds had been exposed with 22, 173 mortality recorded and as at Jan. 27, 232,385 were exposed and 51, 444 mortality recorded.
He said the ministry was working closely with State Governments, the Poultry Association of Nigeria, the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association and the Animal Science Association of Nigeria to contain the spread of the flu.
The minister said he had directed a nationwide comprehensive surveillance, quarantine, de-population and decontamination of affected poultry farms.
He said that poultry product if cooked well was safe for consumption, adding that the main channel of infection was direct contact with infected surfaces or objects contaminated with faeces of infected birds.
Adesina urged the citizenry to imbibe high level of hygiene, calling on stakeholders to cooperate with government to quickly control the outbreak.
He urged the private sector to cash in on the opportunity to establish veterinary laboratories across the country for easy and faster diagnosis of animal diseases.

Pastor Adeboye Endorses Osinbajo In President Jonathan’s Presence

Capture-Optimized (2)
The general overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Enoch Adeboye, has not publicly endorsed any politician. But in a video that was filmed last year February, during his visit to the Olive Tree parish of the church that had Prof. Yemi Osinbajo the current APC vice presidential candidate as its pastor, Pa Adeboye is heard showering praises on Osinbajo.
Adeboye was commenting on the fact that he had not visited the church since he posted Osinbajo to head it. That the last time he was in the church, it was when the former pastor was around. He said:
“You know usually with your friends, you take them for granted. You want to rush to where there might be trouble spots. But when you know that there’s no problem here, you tend to forget. But once in a while, you need to know that your friend needs fellowship.
Some of you might be thinking, maybe he didn’t come because he doesn’t like the new man. I didn’t come because I trust him, because he’s a wonderful child of God. Very wonderful child of God. Absolutely reliable. He’s one of the few Christians, one of the few sons I have that if you give him an assignment, you can go to sleep. By the time you wake up, it will be done.”
Coincidentally, Nigeria’s president Goodluck Jonathan was also at that service and APC supporters believe it’s more than just a coincidence.

Jagged Edge Member Arrested After Forcing His Fiancée To Eat Her Engagement Ring

Kyle Norman, a member of early 2000s boy group Jagged Edge was arrested in Atlanta today Jan. 29th after he brutally assaulted his fiancee and made her swallow her engagement ring.
According to Atlanta police, they were called to the home of Kylie Norman around 5am and when they got to the area, they saw a woman with “

 police he was upset about his dad having cancer and that’s the reason he got so mad at his fiance.
He’s currently being held a

Woman Forgives Her Father Who Sexually Abused, Shot And Forced Her To Do Home Abortion

A woman has revealed how she visited her dying father in jail to tell him ‘I love you’ after he was jailed for decades of horrifying abuse in which he treated her as his ‘dutiful wife’.
Judy cooked and cleaned for her father after her mother left the family when she was just six.
According to Mailonline, For years he subjected her to years of physical and sexual abuse, breaking her bones and even shooting her in the chest.

Finally the survivor, who now teaches others to overcome difficulty, fled to London and finally South Africawhere meeting her husband gave her the strength to bri ng her father to justice.
Even though the abuse started when she was very young, looking back at her early childhood, Judy has mixed memories.
‘Most people have happy childhood memories. Mine include my dad teaching me to swim and taking me for picnics.But I have a lot of bad ones memories too.
‘When I was six and my dad taught me to box. I was only little but he expected me to fight him, even though it hurt me.;’He was mean to my mum and called her useless and lazy and hit her,’ said Judy.
When she was six her mother left. She later returned, only to flee again when Judy was ten, leaving her at her father’s mercy.
‘Each time she left he treated me like his dutiful wife,’ she said.
Noah forced Judy to share his bed from the age of 11. ‘I should have been going to school. But he didn’t let me. He said, “you have too much to do here”
‘I had to stay home and look after my five kid siblings. I had to get up early to make breakfast for everyone, and pack their lunchboxes.’I was made to wash our clothes by hand, as we didn’t have a machine.
Walsh won custody of his daughter in 1979 when she was 12 or 13 and he continued to bully her.
‘He threatened me with knives,”The back-breaking housework left me feeling exhausted. By the evening I was always ready for bed – but my dad had other ideas.
‘He made me stay up with him until he wanted to go bed. He would then demand that I sleep in his room, and would force himself on me.I was only a kid when he started to sexually assault and rape me. I was in such pain afterwards. He left me feeling confused and totally worthless.
No one else know what Judy was going through.
‘My siblings never saw him do this.They didn’t know I fell pregnant that year either as, fortunately for dad, I miscarried.’
When she was 13 his violence left her with broken bones and he threatened to shoot her.

‘He told me I was evil and wasn’t worthy of his love,’ she said. ‘He said he had sacrificed having a life himself, to save me.He told me: “If you don’t change I’m going to have to kill you.”‘One day when I was 14, he got angry and shot me in the chest.’
A neighbour called an ambulance and doctors told her she could have died but Walsh told them she had pulled the trigger herself.Yet despite landing in hospital, Judy couldn’t rely on anyone to help her escape her living nightmare.
She said: ‘We kept moving house so we didn’t have neighbours looking out for us, or my school. Dad forbade me to go so I didn’t have friends to confide in.
‘He’d force me to wait for him in his bed for when he got home from work. That same year, I fell pregnant a second time.’I wanted to keep the baby as I was incredibly lonely locked up all day. I hoped it would give me someone to talk to.’But dad couldn’t risk people knowing what he’d done to me.’So he punched me in the stomach, made me take scolding hot baths, to try and end the pregnancy. ‘Finally he carried out a home abortion using a coat hanger.’
Two years later she had another abortion at a clinic.
Walsh gave Judy a script to recite to the doctors, declaring that a pretend boyfriend had made her pregnant.
 ‘Later I apologised to dad for getting pregnant. I felt it was my fault. I was brainwashed.’
Finally when Judy was 20 she hatched a plan to escape.
She contacted employment agencies to secure a job, got a credit card, packed her bags with clothes and a stone from a necklace her dad had bought her.
She then escaped during the night, stayed in a B&B and next morning went to the airport to fly to London where she trained as an accountant.
‘I had realised if I didn’t make a run for it or I might not get another chance,’ she said.
Yet even being in London was too close to her father so Judy moved to South Africa where she met Tiny van Niekerk, 46, who she later married.
He made her finally realise that she wasn’t to blame for how her father had treated her.
Thanks to his support and encouragement she finally worked up the courage to face her father in court. ‘In a statement read out to the court, my dad had described our relationship as special. He’d said,
“we lived as husband and wife, so when my daughter left, my world fell apart”.’
But Justice Carney described the crimes ‘as one of the worst cases of this nature he had ever heard.’
Walsh, of Sandymount, County Monaghan, was jailed for 15 years.Just four years into his sentence, in 2004 Mrs van Niekerk received a message from police saying her father was in a hospice with terminal lung cancer. So she decided to see him.
‘I realised I had to tell him I cared,’ she said.
‘I was grateful for everything he’d taught me – how to swim, and be strong. I was scared at first but the fear soon melted away as I set eyes on dad who was ravaged by cancer and frail.’
Yet Walsh had no idea of the pain and misery he’d inflicted on his daughter.
She continued
: ‘I hated seeing him suffer and he was pleased to see me.
‘He was confused about why I’d reported him to police though. But it didn’t upset me, or make me angry. I couldn’t judge him.
‘I told him, “I love you” and he said it back.
‘After he died I was sad. He was still my dad. I was pleased I’d got to see him one last time.
‘I had complete love and compassion for him.’But finally I was at peace.’

Details Emerge On Man Who Jumped Off Lagos 3rd Mainland Bridge

Yesterday, an unfortunate incident of a man who jumped over the 3rd mainland bridge went viral.Many wondered what prompted him to make that move..According to Punch, the man, identified as Okechukwu Ezeigbo, has drowned in the Lagoon after taking a dive from the top of the Third Mainland Bridge on Thursday.
The Imo State indigene was said to be among several passengers in a commercial bus heading towards Obalende, on the Lagos Island area of Lagos State, when the incident happened.
Punch Metro learnt that the victim suddenly asked the driver of the bus to stop and before anyone could realise what was going on, he hurriedly put off his shoes and took a dive into the Lagoon.
Some officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, who later arrived at the scene, were said to have sought the help of fishermen in the area, who brought the victim out. But he was already dead.
A LASTMA official, who pleaded anonymity, said, “The incident happened around 9am. We got an alert that somebody had fallen into the Lagoon.
“He was in a commercial bus and then jumped down and dived into the river. Nobody knows the reason for his action.Motorists began to park their vehicles on the road and that created a gridlock.
“We quickly moved in and asked people to clear their vehicles from the road.
“Some fishermen then brought him and we handed over the body to the Adekunle Police Station. There was nothing with which we could identify him.”
When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the incident, adding that the police had contacted his relatives.
Nwosu added that preliminary investigation showed that the victim had mental problem and had been taken to a church located along the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway,for prayers before he escaped.
He said,
“The relatives said they did not know how he left the place and joined a public transport. The police have recovered the corpse and deposited in a morgue”

Why Men Really Think Women Want Sex When They Are Only Being Friendly

You smile at a man, he thinks it means you want to go to bed with him. Meanwhile the woman interprets his advances as acts of friendship.Thankfully ,scientists now have anexplanation for their behavior .. and it’s all to do with how male brains have evolved to pick up on the wrong signals.Researcher Mons Bendixen from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).,said
A man’s ability to reproduce is all about seizing every opportunity. He has to spend both money and time on attracting women, which still may not lead to sex.But it costs even more to not try, because then he won’t be able to reproduce at all.’But that’s not how it works for women,’A woman can have sex with multiple men over a short period of time without producing any more children.
So for men, it is a low-risk, potentially high-reward situation to have sex with women whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Women’s psychology, meanwhile, has evolved to set the bar higher.This means they need much clearer signals before they consider sex
In a recent study at NTNU, women said that they had acted friendly towards a man andhad this misinterpreted as sexual interest about 3.5 times over the past year on average.
On the flip side, scientists found that women interpret the sexual intentions of other flirtatious women in the same way as men do.
Yet when they reported what their own intentions would be if they behaved in the same way, the women said they were far less likely to have sex with a man.

I’m Supporting All Presidential Candidates – Babangida

Eyebrows were raised after former military president, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida (rtd) apparent endorsement of President Goodluck Jonathan and then shortly afterwards the presidential candidate of the  (APC), Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd), and promising to mobilise retired military generals tosupportthe latter..
However, during a talk show on Channels TV, on Thursday the former president said he endorses all 14 presidential candidates in the forthcoming election.He added that all the candidates had displayed passion for the unity of the country.
Asked by the presenter of the programme, Ms. Kadaria Ahmed, if he had thrown his weight behind Jonathan, Babangida said he alluded to it.
“I did allude to that. I said I found him as someone who has a very strong belief about the unity of this country.Those of us who fought the civil war and I still carry a bullet here as a permanent reminder in me, so anyone who talks about Nigeria’s unity, I get impassioned about it.So what I said is that the president believes in the unity of this country and any other person who believes in the unity of this country should support the president to keep the country one,” he said.
Continuing, Babangida said as far as the presidential election was concerned, all the 14 presidential candidates had his blessing.
“The only difference and I did mention it, is that I have not been able to read what they have to offer to this country and I am going to do that. Whoever offers what I was looking forward to I will cast my vote,”