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Tuesday, 10 February 2015

How the NFF's lack of attention is scuppering the Falcons' World Cup plans

With four months to the Fifa Women's World Cup in Canada, there are a lot of questions about the Pinnick-led board's fairness to the Super Falcons as there's no visible plan in ...
African women champions in limbo over World Cup preparations
The relative silence at the Glass House over the much-awaited camping plans for the senior women national team has continued to evoke concerns among well-meaning Nigerians who feel much should have been put in place ahead of the 2015 Fifa Women's World Cup.
As various male national teams continue to enjoy the bulk of attention with continental engagements and friendly matches, the case of the Super Falcons is clearly unexplainable as other contending nations are already in camp.
Despite poor preparations, Edwin Okon’s ladies showed great character and dexterity against all odds to emerge African champions for the record seventh time in 2014, a feat which attracted no meaningful reward but failed Presidential and NFF promises four months on.
Women football stakeholders have expressed sadness to Goal on the plight of the Nigerian ladies who are expected to do the country proud in Canada come June 5.
Sports journalist, Aderonke Ogunleye-Bello berated the lack of attention to the team by the NFF urging Amaju Pinnick-led board on early preparations for Super Falcons ahead of the World Cup.
She insists the women's team does not deserve the negligent treatment they have been afforded while their male counterparts get all the good things despite the incomparable successes at various levels that the women have had.
“The NFF should please organise as many friendly matches as possible for the women national team, these girls need to start playing competitive matches together early enough,” Ogunleye-Bello told Goal.
“They need to bond together and work as a team, ensure a better location for the team to camp for acclimatisation, let us start early, the World Cup starts in less than five months.
“For example, in all of the Super Falcons' six World Cup appearances, they have made it to the quarter finals once.
“And even won the Africa Cup of Nations seven times [four times more than] the male team, so what we are saying here, they should be celebrated and applauded,” she said.
A sad Super Falcons player, who obliged to speak on anonymity, decried the unfair treatment meted out to her team by the NFF over the neglect of their preparatory programmes arrangements for the upcoming international competition.
"They have not treated us well at all. Look at the home-based [Super] Eagles, they don't have competition at hand but they are busy organising big friendly matches for them, while we that are supposed to play [at the World Cup] have not gotten any at all,” she said.
"For them to organise just a match or two, I don't think this will cost them a quarter of what they use for Super Eagles and they don't have any competition ahead.
"I don't think these home-based players will make the bulk of the Super Eagles even now that they don't have a coach, but they are playing matches. Are they trying to please Nigerians or what? And we that have a competition at hand, they have done nothing.
“We are not even prepared; we don’t even know the next step in our preparation. It is not really nice, we are just sitting and watching ourselves with nothing said and done,” she concluded.
Similarly, an advocacy group, Save Female Football in Nigeria, has said the President of the NFF Amaju Pinnick has no plans for women's football stressing that he has failed to unveil programmes to build upon the women national teams’ successes in 2014.
The Falconets reached the final of the U20 Women's World Cup before the senior team won the African title.
"Sincerely, I don't think Pinnick has any plan for women football. Nigeria enjoyed great success from our women teams in 2014 and [Asisat] Oshoala stood out with her individual performances and awards,” the leader of the group, Moses Bako told Goal.
"Imagine, the girls are yet to even be rewarded for the glory they brought to the country in 2014 and still don't know when they will be called to camp. We heard coach Edwin Okon has submitted his programmes since, but nothing has been heard from the NFF.
"As a group, we are not pleased with the situation and want to voice our displeasure over the NFF's failure to call our players to camp and arrange grade A friendly matches for them,” he concluded.
While former assistant coach of Nigeria U20 women team, Christopher Alor, blamed the falling standard of women football on the insincerity within the leadership of the country's football federation.
Alor called for early preparation for the Super Falcons suggesting that the arrangement of high profile friendly games, invitational tournaments and training tours will boost the technical and tactical readiness of the team.
"The problem of women football is administration. The NFF does not care enough about women football at the national team level. If you are not well prepared, you prepare to face the odds.
“In preparation for World Cup, you have to camp these girls for a long time. And they go for playing tour - they play friendly matches.
“And during these friendly matches, injury could come, performance can fall, then there could be changes and you are removing and adding. And when you are bringing in, the players can blend.
“So you camp about 35 players, go for friendly matches and training tours. Before you go for the World Cup, you will see that those girls will be at the highest peak.

"Preparation means going out of the shore of your country to play good teams like Germany, Japan, England and Brazil. I know it will cost a lot, but if they want these girls to shine at the World Cup, that is what they should do," he concluded.
As the saying goes, he who fails to plan, plans to fail. With nothing being heard or seen per NFF plans for the Falcons, only time will judge.

Nollywood Actress, Uche Elendu React To Reports That Her Marriage Has Crashed

Actress Uche Elendu has debunked the story. Making around which started from City Peoples magazine, according to them the over 5 year old marriage between Nollywood actress Uche Elendu and her husband, who was her fan, Mr Igweanyiba, has crashed.
Though details of how the marriage, which produced a daughter, crashed is still sketchy. Some sources said that the marriage broke up based on “infidelity issues.
” That the actress has left her home in Owerri with her daughter and got an apartment in Lekki, Lagos.but the actress  Reacting to the rumours in a telephone chat with
Saturday Beats earlier in the week, the actress said:
“God forbid! They have come again. Nothing has happened to my marriage and nothing will happen to it in Jesus name. I am still with my husband and my marriage is intact.
Explaining why she relocated to Lagos, Uche said it was primarily because of her career.
“I had to relocate because this is the hub of entertainment. I was supposed to have relocated last year but somehow, it didn’t work out till now. We have a house in Owerri and any time we go to shoot over there, I stay in my house,” she said.
When asked if her husband relocated with her, the actress said, “Of course!

Actress Omoni Oboli Preaches Peace, Begs Jonathan And Buhari’s Supporters To Stop Fighting Online

Many Nollywood stars have expressed their thoughts on who to vote for and why in the upcoming elections, actress Omoni Oboli has sent out another #VoteNotFight message.
She posted on her Instagram;
Peace! Peace!! Peace!!! Fellow Nigerians, indulge me with a few seconds of your time. I just want to implore you all to please for the sake of peace in our nation, stop the hate and fight going on predominantly online. It can easily become something else. If every single one of us brothers and sisters can think ‘peace’ at all times, it would do this country a world of good. Like I have said over and over again, it’s ok to be on opposing sides, what is totally unacceptable is the curses and the insults we are hurling at ourselves! This is not about me personally (I am sure by now you know I do not allow insults get to me. It’s a defense mechanism you develop in my line of business) I don’t even reply them. I just think what’s going on right now is very unhealthy! Hate is brewing! It never ends well! Fellow Nigerians, please please please, let us not do this to ourselves and our nation. Don’t allow a few tear us apart! We are one! We are brothers and sisters! Enough of the hate! Go ahead and debate your issues but never result to hurling curses and insults at yourselves. The world is watching! Please let peace reign! God bless Nigeria! PLS FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS AND FRIENDS. We need peace. #votenotfight

27 Robert Mugabe Guards Suspended For Over His Embarrassing Fall

Last week, Zimbabwean president, Robert Mugabe was the subject of many hilarious memes over his embarrassing fall .In the viral photos, most of his aides appeared to just stand by while he tripped ..
New eports claim 27 of his aides have now been suspended for subjecting the president to ridicule
According to TimesLive,Mugabe’s security guards received suspension letters over the incident last Friday.Sources said up to 27 members of the presidential security and advance team have been suspended.Officials said an investigation was launched on the night that Mugabe fell.
“There are many departments that are being investigated, from Air Zimbabwe, the advance team and the security. I doubt if some of them will come back,” said the official close to the developments.
“The issue here is simple. The security team was caught napping.

Actress Empress Njamah Shares Tribute To Late Actor JT Tom West

8 years has gone since Nollywood actor JT Tom West lost his life in a fatal auto-accident. He was returning from a location after a late night film shooting with two of his colleagues when the sad incident happened. May his soul continue to rest in peace. Amen

Popular Food Blogger’s Haunting Final Post Before Plunging To His Death

A blogger plunged to his death moments after posting online that he had grown ‘tired of life‘,
Wilkes McDermid fell from the roof terrace of restaurant Coq D’Argent, in central London, a notorious suicide spot, on Sunday evening.
According to UK Mirror, the 39-year-old was a well-known food critic,and moments before the incident posted on Twitter a link to his final blog post.It read:
“This is a message to thank you for being part of my last adventure in London.”Alas, it is time to say goodbye. The reasons ‘why’ will be upsetting for some and very hard to accept for others.“Quoting writer Samuel Johnson, he added: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.
“Johnson was right, I am not tired of London and never have been… however I am tired of life.”
He went on to describe his final meal, which he had at Hawksmoor Spitalfields, eating a ribeye steak with a Donnington Caesar salad.
: “That’s all folks, in the words of Dr Seuss, ‘Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.'”
Moments after his final post, his followers tried to alert police to his concerning post, but it was too late

Why I Donated N1m To Buhari – 95-Year-Old Trader

Hajiya Fati Maitalle Tara, made news two weeks ago when she made a personal donation of 1 million naira out of her business savings to General Muhammadu Buhari’s campaign when he visited Kebbi state. She tellsLeadership ng why
Hajiya Fati, a popular business woman in Koko, Koko local government of Kebbi State, had made a personal donation of N1million to General Buhari’s campaign when he visited the state out of her business savings. This is despite her other contributions which ran into millions of naira for the success of APC in the state.
LEADERSHIP Sunday was in Koko and met the 95 years old woman, who despite her immense contributions to what she termed a worthy cause, seemed unassuming. Calmly seated by her pots containing variety of soups in her restaurant in Koko, she narrated why she endured for many hours at the airport despite her old age to see Buhari and why she made such a huge financial sacrifice for his success at the polls.
According to her,
“I was a contractor at that time. When Buhari took over, I executed a contract at a school in Gummi, now Zamfara State, worth about N40,000. Payment for the job done was denied me by the then Sokoto State government. I took a loan from several people just to execute the contract. But under Buhari, a committee was set up for verification which objectively inspected the project and recommended immediate payment without any kick back. I constructed two blocks of classrooms but because the then government did not want to pay me, they accused me of conniving with the engineer to carry out substandard work. But as I said, Buhari’s committee came and verified my work as one of the best and I got paid eventually,” she said.
Hajiya Fati recounted how the verification of her contract was carried out with honesty by the committee members. “Yes, at that time during Buhari’s regime, honesty and transparency were the order of the day. One of the committee members used a digger to hit the blocks I had constructed with several times but it showed no sign of cracking and he said “this is agood work,” she said.
“I have respect for Buhari, for his honesty and discipline and for that, I always dream of his leadership style again in Nigeria where corruption would seize and discipline would be restored in the society,” she added. Fati further explained that time has never wavered her love and support for Buhari and she has followed his political journey from ANPP, CPC and now APC with keen interest. “My late son, Lawali and I have made several sacrifices to the success of Buhari’s career both morally and financially. When Buhari was denied the leadership of this country in 2011 under the platform of ANPP, I decided not to take keen interest in politics again, but any time the name Buhari comes up again for president, I jump back on the train for a better Nigeria. I completely trust him to turn around our fortunes in this country”.
Apart from her financial contributions to his campaigns, she   has also succeeded in converting many supporters of PDP to join the APC.
“The people here know it and they can testify to that as I am talking to you now, APC has overrun Koko 99%”.
The old woman was respectfully and gently treated at the airport when Governor Wamakko of Sokoto State greeted her and ushered her to see Buhari on his arrival. Upon landing, Buhari himself headed straight to greet Hajiya Fati.
When asked how she felt when he greeted her warmly, she simply said,
“He is a man of the people. I was offered a seat near him. We greeted with joy, happiness and I said, “Baba, you have come”, he replied “yes” and I said “God bless you! Carry on with your good intentions for the people” and he said “I will”. Thereafter, we snapped a photo together,” she said smiling.
LEADERSHIP Sunday gathered that Hajiya Fati Mai Talle Tara does not charge a kobo at her catering services when ever the APC is having any event in Koko area. She is also said to give special discounts during the visit of Buhari to Kebbi.
Her advise to Nigerians:
“My fervent wish for Nigeria is to receive General Buhari not only in Kebbi, but all over the country to experience the rebirth we desperately need. I believe the man to take Nigeria to the promised land is Buhari, my politics is simply for Buhari till my life ends.”
Hajiya Fati is well known in Koko town for her restaurant business. According to her, she started food selling twenty years ago but she was into trading with her late son long before she ventured into restaurant business. According to her, she has fifteen children and many grand children. Despite her age, she shows no sign of slowing down.
Her final words to people,
“Change comes with time and Buhari personifies the change we need at this point in time. He is the change we are all clamouring for. I prayed for Buhari and asked clerics to do same and the result is manifesting , Buhari’s enemies have now become his lovers”, adding “Do you know why I still like Buhari? He stands for truth and bears the name of my late father,” she concluded, smiling.

INEC Extends PVC Collection Date To March 8th

Following the postponement of the general elections, the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC, has extended the date of collection of Permanent Voters Card to March 8th. In a statement signed by the commission’s secretary, Mrs Augusta Ogakwu and released today February 9th, the commission said it hopes the extension would enable people who haven’t collected their PVC to do so
“The Commission hopes that this extension will finally avail every registered person yet to collect his/her PVC the opportunity to do so in readiness for the general elections,” the statement read in part.

Plane Which Dissapeared With Group Of Football Stars In Chile Found After 54 Years

It was a national tragedy that stunned the world – and for more than 50 years the exact whereabouts of a plane that crashed in Chile carrying a group of football stars remained a mystery.
According to Mailonline, Now climbers in the Andes mountain range say they have found the wreckage of the LAN Chile Douglas DC-3 that went down April 3, 1961 with 24 people onboard.
The doomed aircraft’s twisted remains were discovered high up in Maule, about 190 miles south of capital city Santiago by a group of mountaineers.
Human bones were also found scattered in the area amid parts of the broken plane.
Amazingly, pictures taken at the supposed crash site show pieces of the aircraft extraordinarily-well preserved after 54 years in the mountains. The expedition’s leader, Leonardo Albornoz, said:
The plane is more than 3,200 meters up the mountain. Quite a bit of the fuselage is still there, a lot of things scattered over the area including human bones. ‘So this story is getting a rewrite since this is not where original accounts said.’
The disappearance of the Douglas DC-3 carrying members of the top-division Chilean team Green Cross was one of the great unsolved mysteries in the South American country.
The club had played an away match in Osorno in the Copa de Chile and was returning to Santiago after a 1-1 draw.
The team and staff were spread over two flights and while one of the planes reached the Chilean capital and the other apparently vanished
After the crash, It was reported that most of the first team players had elected to fly on the fateful plane because it was more direct, and the alternative flight was scheduled to make several stops on the way back to Santiago.
Despite losing virtually the entire first team in the disaster the club fulfilled the second leg of the cup tie, which they lost 0-1 and were eliminated from the cup.

Woman Attacked By Her Own Robot Vacuum Cleaner

1000 (1)
A South Korean woman was left in severe pain after her robot vacuum cleaner sucked up her hair.The 52 year old woman who bought the robot to help her with house chores,was sleeping on the floor when the vacuum cleaner mistook her hair for dirt .
According to the UK Guardian, She was awoken by the pain and  yelled for help and  local fire fighters came and helped remove her hair from the machine .

Guard Burgles Bosses House,Steals Car,Cash,Jewellry Worth N9m

A 28-year-old guard, Paul Onazi, has been arrested for allegedly stealing a Toyota Camry car and jewellerybelonging to his bosses ─ Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ekpesi ─ who live in Gowon Estate in the Egbeda area of Lagos.
Punch Metro gathered that Onazi, who occupied a mini flat on the couple’s premises, and his friend, who is still at large, committed the act around 4.30pm on Sunday, January 25, 2015 when his bosses had gone to church. It was said the suspects broke into the couple’s apartment and made off with foreign currencies, laptops and phones, among other valuables – all of which were valued at N9m.
Our correspondent gathered that the guard, a 200 level student, who hails from Benue State, was enrolled in theUniversity of Lagos by Epkesi to study philosophy. He reportedly earned N30,000 per month, apart from being given three square meals a day.
Our correspondent learnt further that the couple was astonished that Onazi, who had been living with them for years, could commit such criminal act.
The crime was said to have been reported to policemen attached to the Gowon Estate Police station, leading to Onazi’s arrest.
The police said the car and other stolen items had been recovered while efforts were being made to track down the fleeing accomplice.
It was, however, learnt that the money had yet to be recovered.

Boko Haram In New Video Vows To Defeat Multinational Force,Shows Off ‘Spoils Of War’

Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau, vowed in a new video released on Monday that they  would defeat a regional force fighting the extremists in Nigeria’s far northeast, Niger and Cameroun.He said
“Your alliance will not achieve anything. Amass all your weapons and face us. We welcome you,”We never rose up to fight Africa. We rose up to fight the world.We are going to fight the world on the principle that whoever doesn’t obey Allah and the Prophet to either obey or die or become a slave.” You send 7,000 troops? Why don’t you send 70 million? This is small. Only 7,000? By Allah, it is small. We can seize them one-by-one. We can seize them one-by-one”
The third video featured  shot in Damaturu, the capital of Yobe State during their brief takeover  on December 1, 2014.In the video, hundreds of insurgents in a convoy emerged in front of the Yobe State Government House along Maiduguri Road where an exchange of gunshots between them and soldiers ensued before the insurgents gained access into the premises.
In a bush an unidentified spokesperson showcased over 50 vehicles and ammunition they got from Damaturu.
“We had a field day in Damaturu, ate and dined, took what we wanted and thereafter drove out of the town at our own volition, with all the vehicles, ammunition and other things we wanted to take along,” he said
He also directly threatened Chad’s President Idriss Deby.
Washington estimates that Boko Haram has a core of between 4,000 and 6,000 fighters but is well-equipped after raiding Nigerian Army positions

Monday, 9 February 2015

Tonto Dikeh Celebrates The Return Of Her ‘Good Girl’ Self

Untitled (5)
In the past,Tonto Dikeh was associated with controversy and not to pleasant stories..However, all that seems to be a thing of the past now.She is celebrating the return of a good girl..She says she now loves herself,respects herself and doesn’t need to be bad to get attention
Return of the girl who Loves herself.. The girl who respects herself and knows her worth is beyond what money could buy .. Return of the girl who doesn’t have to be Bad to get to get attention or compete.. Return of the girl who is brave enough to not believe any of the lies told to her, sold to her & others about who she is.. Return of the girl who’s strong enough to walk in her own identity and doesn’t need to conform to the crowd. .. Return of the #GoodGirl .. It’s a movement. #RT #RETURNOFPOKO
Love is a beautiful thing when it’s real

Truck Driver Nabbed For Crushing Pedestrians To Death In Lagos

The police in Lagos have arrested the driver of a truck, Friday Egbe, for allegedly crushing two pedestrians to death in a fatal accident along the Oshodi-Apapa Expressway area of the state.
Punch Metro learnt that Egbe, who drove the truck with number plate XV 523 SMK, swerved off the road and crushed thevictims to death at about 8pm on Thursday. The victims ─ three males ─ were said to be glancing through newspapers at a newstand.
Our correspondent gathered that Egbe, a resident of Mafoluku area, Oshodi, was arrested by policemen from the Makinde Police Division, while his truck was reportedly towed away to the compound of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority.
According to a resident, who claimed to be an eyewitness, Mr. Sola Shodipo, Egbe would have been mobbed by angry pedestrians, but for the intervention of the police.
He said,
 “The driver was coming from Bolade, Oshodi, and was heading towards Apapa. Just a few minutes before the accident, policemen attached to the Rapid Response Squad, asked the people standing by the roadside to read newspapers to move back from the expressway. If not for their instructions, the truck could have crushed more victims.
“In a moment, the truck just swerved off the road and ran over two persons. One pedestrian died instantly while the other’s leg was broken before he died. The driver was about to be mobbed by the crowd, but the RRS police rescued him from their hands.“They stripped him and brought him inside their armour tank for questioning. Later when the police from Makinde arrived, they handed him over to them.”
Our correspondent learnt that apart from the two corpses, the truck also injured another male, Nura Mohammed, who was presently recuperating in a hospital, and damaged a commercial bus with no passenger.
The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, confirmed the arrest.
The suspect drove a Mack Truck container. The male corpse is yet to be identified, but he has been deposited at a hospital in Yaba for autopsy.
“The truck driver hit another commercial bus driven by one Okechukwu Ayanboso. Meanwhile, the suspect will be charged to court on Tuesday.”

Manchester United Players ‘Under Investigation After Filming Team-Mate Receiving Sex Act In Toilet

Manchester United players allegedly filmed an unnamed member of the team having a sex act performed on them by a woman in a night club toilet cubicle,Though the club have refused to comment on the issue.
Players are apparently set to be questioned by United’s senior officials for the off-field antics, believed to have taken place on a team night out,mirror uk report.
The Sun on Sunday reported that there is an internal investigation taking place at Old Trafford following the incident, which involves a number of United stars.
It was claimed that the video of the unnamed player, believed to be one of the team’s international stars, and the woman, understood to be in her late 20s, was filmed over the top of a toilet cubicle in a night club in Manchester.
A source told The Sun: “They were in the toilets with the doors closed, but other players were filming over the top of the door. It’s disgusting behaviour.
“The girl has also been told there was someone filming from underneath.”
The woman in question is said to be concerned that the video has since been passed around the rest of the United team.
It is thought that the players made the tape as a prank, but the woman is said to be an “emotional wreck” after it was passed around other members of the team.
The source added: “It was a drunken moment and they both got excited.”
However, Greater Manchester Police are not currently probing the alleged incident as they have yet to receive a complaint.

Adorable Black And White Twins Born One Minute Apart

Black and white twin sisters Kian (left) and Remee (right), When a friend sent me the picture above yesterday, I couldn’t help but be in awe at the wonders of God’s creation.
One is black and has big brown eyes. The other is a blue-eyed blonde with the palest of skin. Remarkably, Kian and Remee are twins, born a minute apart.
The pair owe their appearance to a one in a million combination of their parents’ genes. Mother Kylee Hodgson and father Remi Horder both have white mothers and black fathers.
The startling result is a two-tone set of delightful little girls. They first attracted international attention when they were featured in the Mail at less than a year old.
‘They are such a perfect example of how it should be,’ their mother told the Mail. ‘They are not bothered about their skin colour. It’s not the big issue everyone else seems to see it as. It isn’t important to them at all – it’s about what they’re like underneath.’
Kian and her 60-second older sister were delivered in April 2005 by caesarean section.  The twins are in different classes at primary school, and have different interests
Kylee, now 25, recalls the moment she saw them for the first time: ‘I noticed that both of them had beautiful blue eyes,’ she said.
‘But while Remee’s hair was blonde, Kian’s was black and she had darker skin. To me, they were my kids and they were just normal. I thought they would start to look the same as time went on.

PHOTOS: SEE The Interior Of The APC's Campaign Jet

Yes, elections have been postponed but photos showing the interiors of the campaign jet of the All Progressives Congress’ Candidate, Rtd. General Mohammad Buhari are out!
Pictured are the APC presidential candidate himself and his campaign team in the private jet minding their campaign businesses! Here are the photos below, courtesy of Tolu Jinadu Images.
READ ALSO: SEE The DRAMA That Happened When Doyin Okupe Said Buhari Can Never Be The President
It would be recalled that just recently, no fewer than 300 youth groups gathered in Abuja to secure the re-election of President Goodluck Jonathan in next week’s presidential polls. The one day meeting of the youth groups at the ruling party’s headquarters in Abuja was at the instance of the directorate of Youth Mobilisation of the PDP presidential Campaign organisation.

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Tonto Dikeh's Man Spoils her with Diamonds & Chocolates

Tonto Dikeh's man doesn't wait for valentine to spoil his lady..She flaunted her latest gifts from Mr X..She also called herself MRS X.. Do we hear wedding bells?
"What more do a girl need Her God,Her Man & some fine Ass Diamonds #IMISSU #MRSX"

Tonto Dikeh’s Tribute to Late Muna Obiekwe

Tonto Dikeh Just Took To Her Instagram to post the below touching tribute to Late Muna obiekwe
Just sitting here gazing at a picture of a boy I know but now gone because of an illness that would have been managed. The thought of his lifeless body brings me so much pain and sadness and it is not because I was close to him nor that I cared so much about him but just a mere reflection of how wicked the world is, the extent we go just to hide our pain to avoid being a laughing stock,Gossip item, abused, bullied on social medias and even betrayed by some trusted friends & even our socalled Families*
Oh yes that is the awful world we live in,We develop thick skin because we re betrayed almost everyday by people we love and trust so now we try to go through the difficult and trying times alone without sharing with anyone or letting them know what we re going through.
Be a Neighbor and a friend that really cares,try and be trustworthy in this wicked and heartless world. I know that there are some good people out there,where re they? We all can’t be evil na,let’s show others hope,love and reason to live again,a tree can’t make a forest,we need each other in one way or the other.
HE WAS A SHINING STAR AND THUS YOU WILL THINK HE WILL HAVE TRUE FRIENDS OR A TRUE FRIEND TO LEAN ON AT DIFFICULT TIMES. Its quite sad that I can’t trust anyone with my pain and anytime I wake up I think about death,I think about the freedom and peace that comes when i am gone from the world of hate,betrayal,deceit,Greed,Jealous,anger,Revenge..
I can only wish there is life after death,life that will be void of bad things we have experienced in this current life….May the soul of Muna and the souls we have lost so far Rest in perfect peace..Amen


Pic taken on August 5th 1968 - shows a mother feeding her 5 months old son, while holding her 4 year-old daughter during the Biafra war. The daughter died a few hours after this pic was taken. Photo credit: SeeMe See Nigeria/FFSA

I won't sleep tonight - Kane revels in derby ecstasy

The striker scored a double as Tottenham came from behind to beat arch-rivals Arsenal 2-1 on Saturday lunchtime
I won't sleep tonight - Kane revels in derby ecstasy
Harry Kane is expecting a sleepless night after scoring twice in Tottenham's 2-1 north London derby win over Arsenal.

The striker, who took his tally for the season to 22, helped lift his side above their bitter rivals in the Premier League table on Saturday with a second-half double after Mesut Ozil had put the visitors ahead at White Hart Lane.

A delighted Kane told BT Sport: "What a game, that's probably one of the best we've played all season.

"It was incredible. The fans were incredible, the atmosphere was lightning. They made it better for us.

"That feeling [scoring the winner] was probably one I won't forget for the rest of my career.

"My first London derby and to win the way we did, to dig deep, it's just incredible. I probably won't sleep tonight."

Ozil's opener came after just 11 minutes, but Tottenham's response was impressive and they deserved their leveller, which finally arrived in the 56th minute when Kane calmly volleyed home from a set-piece.

The Englishman's winner came four minutes from time as he climbed to meet Nabil Bentaleb's superb cross.